Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Field of Blue, 8 x 6, oil on panel


  1. Love these small works.... You've inspired me!!

  2. Laurel - my first visit to your blog, definitely not my last. Your work is is fantastic, I really like it, especially your landscapes.

  3. These three landscapes are fantastic! No wonder they're already sold!

  4. Laurel, congratulations on winning your prize
    In International Artist I get this magazine and
    This is one of the most inspiring paintings I
    Have come across in a long time. I have it on
    My fridge so I see it every day. It also makes
    me want to get out my paint brushes and get
    lost in my garden.

    Frances from Kitchener in Ontario. Canada

  5. Thanks all of you!

    Frances, what a compliment that you have that image on your fridge! And your garden is a GREAT place to be lost with your brushes!!! :)